Cookie Thursday 8/19/21

It is the event that the entire OR looks forward to all summer.

School starts next week.

What goes better with school than ice cream.

This is the 6th annual ice cream social for the OR.

Every section of surgical services: OR, ACU/PACU, SPD, and there is even a few of our dedicated housekeepers participates by bringing ice cream, toppings, sauces.

This is useful to the department as a morale building.

Of course, morale building is one of the reasons that cookie Thursday exists.

This past year and a half has been so very difficult for so very many reasons. and morale, not only in the OR, is down.

Me, nodding my had, thinking yes, morale is down.

Even my morale is down and that is hard to accomplish.

I don’t really like ice cream but I look forward to this day all month long.

My contribution is homemade ice cream.

This year, I am making cinnamon ice cream.

Goes great with caramel sauce and nuts.

I can’t wait.

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