um, no thank you

Yesterday I got invited to a back to school event at the hospital.

In the middle of a surge.

Where other hospital events were cancelled.

Because of the pandemic.

With unmasked children and healthcare workers alike.

I am supposed to be out of town at the convention.

I know that some of the people knew I was still in town.

Only three people asked me if I was going to attend the event.

Back to school is one of my favorite events.

I buy school supplies all year long so that my husband and I can donate them.

I buy backpacks cheap and store them at the end of every back to school season.

We do not have children.

I want to support the children and the school nurses who need it.

But I will not attend a back to school event in the middle of a surge with the county fully vaccination rate is 51%!

Not only no, but hell no.

The department managed to fill 20 backpacks.

And three large totes of supplies when the backpacks ran out.

Those will have to serve in my stead.

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