Post-it note 8/8/21- Forgiveness

Today’s note is simple: how do we, as the vaccinated, begin to forgive the unvaccinated.

I know, that in their heads, all their reasons for remaining unvaccinated are clear.

Those are the more sane of the unvaccinated.

And it all boils down to I am afraid.

And fear is not to be made fun of.

Fear needs a guiding hand and reassurance.

It is the others; the politically poisoned ones that are the worst.

I hear it over and over.

They are regurgitating what they have been told on their political network.

I am hearing some of the same talking points that I had only read about from coworkers.

The vaccine isn’t FDA approved.

But it is.

Emergency approval is still approved.

Full approval needs study and time after vaccination to ensure it is still safe.

Full approval has been sought and is pending with the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines.

I trust my immune system.

That’s nice is the only thing I can think about that.

In reality, Covid-19 doesn’t care about your political bent, or your immune system.

To Covid-19 you are only a means to survival.

And if you happen to die.

There are millions more unvaccinated where you came from.

Forgiveness of those who are afraid, ignorant, or defiant in the face of a deadly threat is a high bar.

And right now, I am failing in reaching it.

The question remains: how do we, the vaccinated, forgive the unvaccinated?

Hell if I know.

I know I said the same thing about where the pixie dust to fly comes from.

I still don’t know.

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