Clinical ladder update/turn in

Finished with my clinical ladder packet.

Of course, I had it mostly finished on July 5.

This was I get to turn it in.

And wait for it to be reviewed.

Wait 4-6 weeks.

And then get my bonus.

The clinical ladder is a big deal.

It is how bedside nurses can engage with the hospitals and their departments to earn a bonus.

The bonus is different at every rung on the ladder.

There are 3, 4, or 5.

Each ladder requires more points to attain.

I’ve never met a project I said no to so I have a lot of points.

To reach 3, there are 18 points required.

To reach 4, there are 27 points required.

To reach 5, there are 38 points required.

These points can be garnered for different things.

Certifications, degrees, hospital committees, shared governance.

There are three sections and points must be gathered from 2 of them.

I have points from all.

I have more than 38.

But, then, you all knew I was crazy, right?

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