What a year this week has been. Again.

If the second week and the 3rd week of the month coincide it means a very meeting heavy week for me.

I have meeting I lead/co-lead on the 2nd Wednesday of the month which was this past Wednesday.

I have a meeting that I lead on the 3rd Thursday of the month, which was this past Thursday.

Each of these meetings necessitate an agenda, and meeting requests to the people who will be speaking.

Plus minutes from the last meeting need to be reviewed.

Plus actually being awake at these meetings, which are morning to midmorning.

Even if you have worked hard the night before or late the nights before.

Which happened.


And I had to finalize and submit my poster for judging for AORN.

By Monday night at midnight.

I worked extremely early on Sunday night/Monday morning.

And slept 3 hours Sunday night.

And Monday night.

And Tuesday night.

And Wednesday night I left work at 0100 and had to be back at 0500 to prep for a case.

And I’m pretty sure I was not all that coherent at the Thursday meeting I lead.

I do not even want to look at my time sheet.

I am pretty sure I broke rules this week.


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