Post-it note July 18, 2021

The post-it for this Sunday reads

‘I just love spending all of the spare time volunteering to give vaccine.’

I remember this. This was in April when I was volunteering weekly, sometimes twice at the vaccination site.

Back when people were excited about being vaccinated.

I was being sarcastic to someone who was denying that they needed the vaccine.

That their immune system was strong.

So I shot back that I just loved spending all of my limited spare time volunteering to give people shots so they could have a little bit of peace of mind and, you know, immunity from the virus.

He just shrugged and restated that the vaccine was not for him.

And followed up with, ‘but hey, at least you get paid for all the hours you are giving shots.’

I know that he was not paying attention to my words.

I know that because he thought I was being paid for my hours.

I because he either was ignoring or didn’t know what it means to use the word volunteer.

Of course I wasn’t getting paid for giving my time to give people shots.

That is what the word volunteer means.

It means that I give of myself to another cause that I do not have direct benefit from.

I had been fully vaccinated for 4 months; my husband had received his first shot.

If they still needed me I would volunteer on all my days off that I could.

Because vaccination is so very necessary.

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