AORN poster update and other research things

My poster is back from the printer!

Of course, I got the data I need to do a proper statistical analysis on the same day I sent it to the printer.

This leaves me in a quandary.

Do I do the statistical analysis, rework the results section, and have it reprinted?

Or do I use the data in my talking points when I am at the meet and greet?

Or do I do both and use the poster and abstract at other conferences that are coming up in the fall?

Cost could be a consideration.

It did not break the bank at $42 for the first printing.

And it came super fast.

As in ordered on Monday, got it on Thursday fast.

I will have to think on this one.

I will be writing up the abstract and submitting it to the nursing leadership group in the state for their autumn conference.

It is due next Sunday.

In other research news, the enneagram project that I’ve been working on with leadership for nearly 2 years is ready to launch.

I present it to leadership in a dry run this week or the next.

However, I think there is good data to be had.

To figure out if knowing your coworker’s enneagram will aid in communication.

I am working on a before and after questionnaire for the participants.

I will be working with the nurse scientist in the hospital system.

I am very excited about this one.

And, lastly, strictly for the clinical ladder and for the practice, I will be working on a grant request.

It is worth 7 points on the clinical ladder.

And if a clinical ladder 5 needs 38 points and I have 23 between my degrees, certification, CEUs, unit education, 7 point is nearly half of the remaining points to maintain my clinical ladder 5.

I would not need to get the grant, just apply for it.

This could be valuable knowledge for the future.

When I go back to school.

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