Cookie Thursday July 15, 2021

Red, White and Blue month marches on.

This week I wanted to do something completely different.

I had found a recipe for lemon cooler cookie and was going to use it for citrus month but never did.

As I was looking at red or blue fruits I thought about the watermelon.

What is more summer like than a water melon?

However, the fruit holds too much water and I think it would ruin a cookie.

Instead, I ordered watermelon extract.

I thought about using watermelon leather from Trader Joe’s but then I realized that the local store sells watermelon and there is always some flavored water at the bottom of the container.

And I had bought watermelon jelly when I saw it at Trader Joe’s.

And the watermelon cooler was born.

Of course I didn’t coat it with powdered sugar like you’re supposed to for a cooler.

Nobody has time for that.

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