Yahoo, WTF?

I do not regularly visit the email address what this blog is linked to.

I have it linked to my phone.

I do not remember the last time I checked it on my desk top.

Not sure what prompted me to check it last night.

In the spam folder there were emails about someone liking my posts.

  1. I had no idea why that is not on the dashboard when I sign in to write
  2. I also had no idea that I was not shouting into the void. So thank you.
  3. Sorry, Sebastian.

And Yahoo, what the fuck.

I have regular correspondence with WordPress about my account.

That I read on my phone.

And this is what the mailbox does to half of my emails?

Apparently I have to check this email address more frequently.

Which I will do.

Now that I know that it is an issue.

However, if you are reading.

Thank you.

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