Post-it post July 4, 2021

Happy 4th everyone.

Why, yes, I’ve been to the hospital already to do a laser case for a cysto.

I was putting the frozen groceries away when I got a call from the call nurse that there was a patient on the table and they unexpectedly needed laser.

Off I went.

It’s a good thing I live 5 minutes from the hospital.

But that is not the post-it note for today.

Today’s post-it note is brief.

Very brief.

But I know what it is referencing perfectly and try to live it in my own shift life.

‘Word to the wise, when offered take the fucking break.’

I know this one very well.

When I was in my first hospital, as a new OR nurse, I was scheduled to work the day after Thanksgiving.

My tech, the anesthesiologist, and myself.

Everyone else had been let off.

Due to lack of volume.

There was a back surgery that was on the books.

It was scheduled to only be three hours.

Fine, I thought, I can do anything for three hours.

My manager had stopped in to do paperwork and offered me a break before he left.

I declined a break, citing the 3 hour case.

He smirked at me and said okay very sarcastically and left.

7 hours later the case was finally done and the patient was in PACU.

This was a hard lesson to learn.

When the break is offered, take it.

Otherwise it can be hours.

It is not often that the stars align and it is the perfect time to offer a break.

Always take the break.

It may be the only one you get.

And eventually you will have to pee.

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