Hello, are you there?

Traditionally parts of the hospital are closed the day after a holiday if that holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

This is to make sure that the different parts get the same holidays as everyone, such as those who work Monday-Friday.

For example if the fourth of July is on a Saturday, the observed holiday would be the Friday before.

And if the fourth of July is on a Sunday the observed holiday would be that Monday.

This is the way that the hospital I have worked at for years handled it.

Since yesterday was the 4th, today should be the observed holiday.

Scheduling is off

Administration is off.

Some doctor’s offices are off.

Not after a pandemic apparently.

Have to make the hay while the sun shines.

The hospital made an announcement in the beginning of the year that observed holidays would not be happening going forward.

Because the healthcare appointments and ORs were still “catching up” from last year.

This was kind of unpopular.

Some of us need the 8 hours off so that pressure can be taken off our PTO balance.

And then last week there were daily reminders that the administration office would be closed on the 5th of July.

I haven’t had a moment with the leaders to tell them that this is tone deaf.

No one got the memo from the MD’s offices.

There are TWO cases on the board for today.


A bunch of day shift got flexed.

I guess they got their observed day.

The evening shift will be expected to show up and work the entire shift.

If you need administration you will have to wait for Tuesday.

If you need me, I’ll be at the hospital, along with other departments working.

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