Problem of your own making


This is a problem of your own making.

Let me get this straight.

You told me to step back from doing my job as soon as I get in and let the day charge continue to run the desk until they left.

Whenever that would be.

Because you let them craft their own schedule.

While denying me anything less than 5 8s.


I did as you ask and let them run the board until the end of their shift.

And it was chaos.

AND you decided to fix it.

But you didn’t solicit ideas of how to fix it.

Or tell me there was a problem in the first place.

Or ask.

You added an additional complication of a second charge nurse that will take care of the new chaos that you created at 1500 by not letting me do my job.

Because of the chaos that you created by having someone who isn’t really committed to the board run the board.

Instead of, you know, letting me do my job.

And you cloaked it in the all the other kids are doing it stock phrase.


You should have left well enough alone.

I am more than capable of taking the board over at 1500.




As I’ve been doing for 6 years now.

Instead now I do not take up my charge duties until 1700.


And I do not get any say in how the after 1700 rooms should be staffed?

I’ll be on the floor; moving patient, cleaning rooms and hauling trash.

Because there isn’t a consistent ORA after 1500.

Until it is time for the new level of day charge to allow me to take over.

When they want to go home.

Super cool

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