Cookie Thursday June 18

Today’s Cookie Thursday is a Thing cookie was a cookies and cream cookie.

Confession: I do not care for ice cream. Never really have.

But lately I am crushing cookies and cream by the local grocery store.

And in this month of Baker’s Choice I decided to see if I could put Oreos into another cookie.

You can!

I also added cream cheese because my friend asked me to do a cream cheese cookie as she was out of town when there was a cream cheese chocolate chip cookie.

As I was looking to the past posts I noticed I was remiss in doing a Cookie Thursday post last week for June 11.

Last week I made home made pretzels.

They are super labor intensive.

You have to make the dough, rest the dough, roll and cut out the dough, rest the dough, boil the dough in baking soda water, bake the dough.

Last time I made these, several years ago, I offered a plain with mustard pretzel, and a cinnamon and sugar one. And people went gaga for the mustard pretzel and ignored the cinnamon and sugar one.

This year I made slightly more plain with mustard and everyone scarfed down the cinnamon and sugar pretzel.

Oh, well.

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