Sleep? Don’t know her.

Can’t sleep again.

It hasn’t been this bad since last spring.

Case in point, last night I got to bed around 0113.

I woke up from a very strange dream at 0420.

The dream was so strange I had to get up and note down the details.

Because writer, you know.

I got back in bed at about 0440.

And slept until the pager went off at 0700.

I go off of call at 0700.

I texted the day nurse about the page and went back to sleep until 0715 when she texted me back.


That’s another night’s sleep ruined.

According to my sleep log that I keep, because data is power, I haven’t had any night’s sleep over 5.5-6 hours in about two weeks.

All I want to do is sleep.

Pager, be good.


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