Dude! Don’t tell them that!

This weekend was rough for the general surgeon.

He said that he felt like he had whiplash, starting on Friday.

Starting with the quick prep and case for the ubiquitous appy on Friday.

Through to Saturday, waiting around for his emergent septic case.

Unbeknownst to me he had been waiting to get this case started for awhile.

The Saturday night septic patient case with me as his circulator.

To his Sunday morning case that took forever to get started.

He and I had a conversation that although I can sympathize with his feeling like there are two speeds for the weekend versus evening speed, I have no power to do anything.

For that, he would need to take it up with the manager.

And he did!

He said he didn’t understand why and how there seemed to be two different speeds for add on cases.

And then he said the kiss of death, “Kate can do it, why can’t they?”



I have enough trouble with these people thinking that I expect others to work at my gear, which is high.

How many times have I been told that “Kate, they aren’t like you. You shouldn’t expect them to stretch for that.”

Um, why?

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