Poster! And Business Cards, because why not?

Last week I got an email that the poster I had submitted to AORN this year was accepted.

I had two accepted last year.

And then COVID.

This year I knocked together a proposal for the long-term flashing project that I have been running in the OR.

Long-term meaning 6+ years.

Flashing is the immediate use steam sterilization of instruments or implants.

This usually means that something has dropped to the floor, or there is a to follow case, but more than likely it has hit the floor.

Flashing is bad.

It has taken 6-plus years to get a 12 month span with no flashing.

Many things had to happen in order for this to be successful.

In 2014, there were at least 25 flashes in the OR.

in 2020, there was 1.

In January.

Fingers crossed, spit, knock on wood, whatever you have to do.

The poster proposal was titled Flash this! How 1 OR systematically decreased IUSS to near 0.

I am going to keep it at near 0.

For the Murphy.

Because Murphy loves the OR.

Best laid plans and all that.

Whatever can go wrong will.

This poster got accepted.


I have to design, get it printed and submitted for judging by July 12th.

And go to Orlando in August to the AORN conference.

I’m gonna melt!

Another thing I was kicking around as a better use of my MSN is establishing a writing career.

As a side gig.

I am reading and writing and learning about this.

I was thinking the AORN conference might be an opportunity to connect with other writers.

And one of the best ways for that used to be the business card.

I designed a card and submitted it for printing.

Double sided:

  1. the one side is my real name with credentials and email address against a light OR green background
  2. the other side is this blog, with my nom de plum, email address, and blog address, with a blog caption at the bottom. The background is clouds. whatever

Regardless, I ordered them to have with me at the conference.

Will it work?

Who knows.

But I will be ready.

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