First Sunday Post-it note

I was going to search for the perfect post-it note to encapsulate the entire experience of evening shift.

But then there was a stack of post-its and gown cards next to the computer and I picked the first one off the top.

At the top of the post-it are the words “don’t ask to be celebrated for doing your job”.

And this is very, very true.

Sometimes people come up to me and tell me this is their 5th call shift in a week.

And I pause and reflect and absolutely do not say the first thing that comes in my head.

Which would be “Child, please, I routinely do 9 a week, every weeknight and both weekend days”.

But I don’t.

That would be counterproductive.

So I don’t say the second thing that comes in my head.

Which would be “But you are the one who signed yourself up for this”.

Again, that would garner nothing but a huff from the person “confessing” to me.

And a talking to by management.

And I prefer to avoid those.

I usually say “Good for you. I bet the people you took call from are thankful”.

Don’t complain when you give yourself extra work and then have to work extra.

That is, in fact, how call functions.

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