Last Cookie Thursday is a Thing for May

This week was the last Cookie Thursday is a Thing for May.

10 days ago I began a starter for sourdough.

I’ve made these before.

Then: they were cakey and dense and overall one of my favorite cookies.

Now: The day was very warm so I decided to bring the butter up to room temperature in the sun, on the porch, in my favorite Pyrex bowl.

Coming back inside, I took 1 egg out of the refrigerator and placed it to the side so it, too, could come to room temperature.

I gathered the rest of the ingredients and went to get the now softened butter.

The butter on the porch worked BEAUTIFULLY.

I proceeded to make the cookies and had the first batch out of the oven when I turned around and noticed that I had not put the egg that I’d carefully placed out of harm’s way into the batter.

I have no excuse.

Other that I am tired.

Surprisingly the cookies baked up great.

I was afraid that the cookies would not be cohesive because the egg is a binder.


Now I have a starter that I will continue to nurture and use the discards off every other day.

At least until I get tired of it.

But the softening the butter on the porch in the sun.

Definitely going to keep that one.

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