Don’t be a Dick

Today at shared governance there was a strongly worded warning about social media.

The warning was be careful what you share on social media.

Do not bash the hospital.

Do not break HIPAA laws.

This reminded me that I need to share what I do periodically.

I am well aware of HIPAA.

When I speak about patients, or coworkers, things are changed to make them less identifiable.

I do use names.

I may not speak about people in he/her pronouns.

I try to use they.

I may not be accurate with diagnoses.

I may not accurate with surgeries.

This is all to protect myself and the HIPAA laws.

I feel that my stories are conveyed in a way that makes them relatable.

That the reader will nod their head in recognition.

There was a meme that I shared yesterday about Dick.

Dick doesn’t clean up his room after surgeries.

Dick doesn’t stock his room.

Don’t be a Dick.

Trust me, in the OR you know who the Dicks are.

This was a way to spotlight the issue without naming names.

I don’t even name myself.

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