Am I boring you yet?

I certainly am boring myself.

The outside of the house inspection was today.

I made it as cleaned up as I could.

And I put out my giant, bright pink “Hero Nurse Lives Here.”

Not for all day.

I’m not crazy.

Just from 0900-1700.

And then I brought it in.

This week has not be a bang up go on the tentative plans I had for the week.

I am doing something every day.

And then a great deal of reading.

I love to read.

I am also looking at the news A LOT.

No, I don’t know why.

My shared governance council meeting cancelled today.

So I read.

No, I do not idle well.

Why do you ask?

This evening I will continue to wade through all the given to me books, culling out the ones I do want to read.

I will continue to work on that.

I will also continue to work on the garage, maybe.

I don’t know.

I may just read.

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