Day 3 of vacation?

I did the impossible for me today.

At my husband’s request.

There was a staff meeting in the morning.

He told me I was on vacation and I should not zoom in for the call.

So I didn’t.

And it was HARD.

Today I prettied up the front of the house for the “inspection”.

(insert eye roll here)

All day.

I mowed our lawn and the side lawn of the next door neighbor.

I put out 16 bags of mulch.

I couldn’t find the blower I JUST used this past weekend.

This means I put it somewhere safe.

It will turn up.

It just means that I had to manually sweep the porch and the stairs and the grass clippings I got on the driveway. And the neighbor’s driveway as well.

Tomorrow the only thing I have to do to “pretty” up the front is to clean the mailbox.

I will do that before my morning meeting.

This is shared governance and I will not be missing.

Not with nurses week next month.

Still not idling too well.

Chores for the day include the front and side yards.

I also picked up medication at Walgreens, or I tried to.

My husband’s insurance will only pay for 90 supply.

Walgreens doesn’t do that.

I have been going back and forth to Walgreens all weekend long.

Today, I transferred the script to CVS, which does 90 day.


Tomorrow I will do the 3 hour SG meeting. I haven’t decided if I am going to be going to the hospital for it.

I will wash the mailbox.

I will do something else off my list.

Who knows what it will be.

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