I still don’t idle well

Day 3 of my vacation has gone swimmingly.

Days 1 and 2 I participated in a Sherlock convention.

I also did all of my bedroom declutter.

Including 1/3 of my clothes.

Today, I weeded all the weeds in the front yard.

In preparation for the INSPECTION by the HOA.


Tomorrow I put out mulch.

And paint a bit around the garage where it was exposed after the new garage door was installed.

I will begin to declutter and thin the books in the library.

I have entire 6 shelf bookcase that are books that people have given me.

I do not envision myself reading ANY of these.

To the Habitat for Humanity they go.

Tomorrow I will also do my tall dresser.

None of these clothes have been looked at in a year.

But some of the clothes are my meeting clothes and I have to go through them.

Why, yes, I am bored.

Normal people would be doing fun things.

I have been reading.

Other than that I do not idle well.

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