My mojo, where is it?

I have lost my mojo.

Have you seen it?

It is a small thing.

That allows me to look past being tired, and frazzled, and did I mention tired?

I know, I know.

This is a state that a lot of healthcare workers are in.

We have always been praised for being resilient.

We are resilient.

We roll with the punches.

But this past year has been punch after kick after punch.

And I have lost the ability to go the extra mile.

Or, rather, I misplaced it.

I believe in shared governance.

I believe in the power of the bedside to raise concerns and work hand in hand with the corporation leaders.

For the patients.

For the coworkers.

And, for ourselves.

I had a meeting this morning, to create the agenda for the next hospital based coordinating council.

And never was I so happy when the chair from last year, this last year when we met so few times, when much of our working lives were consumed by the pandemic. She said she was absolutely fine continuing as the chair for this next year, so that she can get the full breadth of the experience.

And I will continue as the support, as the rising chair.

All I could do was sigh in relief.

This gives me time to find my mojo.

Maybe I should offer a reward.

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