Safety > warm blankets

I’m not sure about what they are teaching these days.

Over the last several weeks, I have watched a nurse leave the room during emergence from anesthesia.

AKA one of the most dangerous times of the case for the patient.

To fetch warm blankets.

I ask why.

The answer I get is “they’re shivering.”


It is not because they are cold.

It is part of the emergence from anesthesia.

Part of the anesthesia delirium.

Is it kind of painful to watch?


Are they cold?


Will they be aware that warm blankets were placed on them at the very moment they emerged from anesthesia?


While their brain is still resetting?

Also, no.

Should a nurse be right by their side, in case of emergency?


Delegate the fetching of blankets, if you must.

But do not leave the room while the patient is waking up.

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