You want a third break?

I received an electronic copy of my performance review.

I’m still trying to process this.

It reads like it is two people.

She is willing to do all the jobs in the department: cleaner, circulator, scrub.

She does not go into the rooms enough. (while doing all the jobs in the department)

She is very helpful and willing to work extra to get the job done.

She does not offer a break after 1700. (all afternoon breaks are done before I get there)

She does not ensure that the late people (1900) get off on time. (I’m usually in a room myself.)

She catches problems for the next day and works to solve them.

She sits too much at the desk. (I am adding cases and working on getting things for the next day.)

I got the sense as I read this that my lunch, that I try to take at 1620 at the latest so I can be free to relieve someone at 1645, is not appreciated. It has been so hard to carve out a lunch time that does not interfere with the OR cases. And next to impossible to take a lunch or a break after 1900 when everyone leaves, which is what I think that they want. This leads me to going without.

Sometimes I have to give unsavory assignments and I try to be fair and not always have the same people do them.

Sometimes I take the unsavory assignment, especially if it is going to go past 1830, and leave the late people out to do the stuff I do. Unsurprisingly, this is not popular either. And can double my workload as I still do all the stuff after the case, or between cases.

One of our late OR assistants quit, someone has to take up the cleaning and moving slack.


If the writing is on the wall and I have to keep a nurse or a tech to finish at 1700 or 1900 (and I’m talking 15 minutes at most) I ask/tell early. This is not an everyday or even every week occasion. And if someone offers to stay because they also see the writing on the wall, I sometimes take them up on it. Only to hear them complaining the next day that I kept them late.

Say it with me now!


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