Overstocking, I’m on the case

There I was, minding my own business, in a very long case that had converted to open, making it longer still, when I thought to myself, “I’ll do one of my favorite long case distraction techniques.”

Not my phone.

Checking for outdates.

After the counting and conversion was done, I went to the cabinets and began going through them, looking for outdates.

I found the outdates, many of them, up to $500 worth.

What I also found was the cabinets stuffed with supplies.

I had to closed my eyes and breathe deeply.

The thing that really frosts my button, besides inefficiency, is waste.

So may things were stuffed into these poor cabinets, often in two places.

I pulled out an entire bin of overstock, always leaving 2-5 of a supply, depending on the kind.

Bovie tips, and dressing supplies, and more bovie tips, and extra chloraprep (hello, it comes in the packs, you do not need 15 in a room). Gelfoam of all sizes, and surgicel of all sizes. Excuse me the most common sizes are 4×8 and 2×14, why do you need fifteen 0.5×2?

When I was done, there was entire bin of extra supplies, the cabinets still looked full, and I had removed 30+ pieces of expired things.

The oldest expired item was from December.

Of 2019.

As this is 2021, I think that is excessive!

And I also think I need to retrain my coworkers on stocking and expiration date hunting.

Monday, I think I will do room 5.

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