Perfect Covid metaphor

I was talking to my nursing supervisor this evening and in doing so I struck upon the perfect metaphor for the Covid winter, autumn, summer, spring, winter we are stuck in.

I know I have written before about Covid being the grindstone and healthcare workers being ground down and we have to be careful that we are not ground down into nothing.

But this metaphor is even more perfect.

I wish, I wish I could draw.

I wish, I wish I could protect my idea.

I wish I knew an artist.

Here is the metaphor:

Have you heard of Sisyphus?

The Greek king who was sentenced by Zeus to forever roll a large rock uphill in Hades.

The king could never get the rock up the hill.

For healthcare workers the rock is our patients and society at large and the hill is Covid.

And we are forever rolling and supporting the rock up the hill.

And never getting anywhere.

I could expand the metaphor and say there are obstacles in our way.

The obstacles of denial, of mask refusal, of anti-vaxxers.

The obstacles of the economy and the political climate that makes the obstacles even harder.

I think that is the perfect metaphor for healthcare workers.

We are supporting the rock, who may not want to be rolled up the hill, against the hill that is the Pandemic.

And the hill seems like it will never end.

And the rock never gets any lighter.

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