Grossest case list keeps getting longer

Look, I’ve been a nurse for nearly 20 years. And an OR nurse for 19 of them.

I’ve had my share of gross, how are you still alive cases.

I keep a ranked list in my head.

The guy who lost his buttocks, and rectum to necrotizing fasciitis.

The woman who lost her leg and nearly her life to necrotizing fasciitis.

The men who’ve made me believe the 90% fatality rate that happen with scrotal abscesses.

The men and women who have had plastic surgery cheaper abroad.

Hint, it’s never cheaper when you come home and nearly die of sepsis.

The sweet lady on the floor who the surgeons were waiting to see demarcation of the necrotic limb before amputation who died of sepsis before the amputation could take place.

And there is a new contender for not the grossest case ever but high on the list.

This past week we had diffuse necrotizing fasciitis through an entire segment of a person’s body.

As the surgeon kept doing sharp debridement and continuing to find the black/gray tendrils and liquifying sub-q, the patient kept losing more and more area.

It is now 2nd on the list of the amount of tissue taken off a patient.

But they clearly needed it.

Because necrotizing fasciitis can kill.

I hope they do okay.

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