Continuing Education?

It has been a full year since I paid for college courses.

I paid for my last 2 classes just after New Year’s last year.

In this past year I have paid more for membership in various nursing groups.

I joined my state nursing association and do education through there.

I paid for an education membership to a group that does continuing education.

I paid for my Sigma Theta Tau membership.

I paid for a nursing membership to a group that is going to be important to a project I am working on with another nurse.

I paid to go to a virtual conference through my state nursing association.

I take free classes when I can, especially those surrounding the Coronavirus and the response therein.

I take free classes through AORN.

But my AORN membership allows for monthly free CEUs through their journal.

It is part of my New Year’s resolutions to fully engage with the AORN CEUs.

And read all of my nursing education.

Because I have 3 years to earn 125 hours to retain my CNOR.

All the while, in the back of my head, I think PhD, Maybe?

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