I. A. M. O.

You’ve heard of FOMO?

Fear of Missing Out.

Over the last several months looking at what other people have done on quarantine, I have coined a new phrase.





I am missing out.

As a working nurse who works between 40-50 hours a week, plus 98 hours of call, I cannot help but fear I am missing something.

I have not baked bread.

I have not decluttered my closet.

I have not read more.

I have not participated in a Zoom happy hour.

I have not had my groceries delivered.

However, looking at that list I realize I sound a little whiny.

I will be reframing my thoughts to the best of my ability.

I have worked my regularly scheduled shifts.

I have received both vaccine shots.

I have not gotten sick due to strict masking and handwashing.

My husband has the ability to work from home.

I would like to read more but I find myself doing the same things when I am not at work.

And let’s face it, I would not participate in a Zoom happy hour.

But, still…

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