You are your own delay

This has happened many times in the past. And yesterday.

A surgeon calls and books a case.

An unusual case for the evening shift, but okay.

I personally think the patient could use a little more scrutiny from other docs before getting her fracture fixed.

But, I’m not the surgeon. I tell him that this kind of fracture is highly unusual the SAME DAY of the accident.

Most of these patients have co-morbidities and could stand to be buffed up a bit.

Surgeon persists. He wants to go today.

Okay, we’re there to work.

I tell ACU to get the patient from ED and prep the patient.

Normally, I would get the patient myself. But the case the surgeon wants to do?

Requires a complete reset of one of the rooms.

New bed. Heavy bed.

New technology.

All the equipment and furniture moved.

New equipment.

After I spend 20 minutes preparing the room, I walk to ACU to interview the patient.

No patient.

She is in x-ray. As the surgeon has decided that he wants 1 more x-ray.

Never mind the patient is gonna be on the table in less than a half an hour.


And the surgeon is in x-ray with the patient.

Finally, we have a patient.

As my room is set up and open with the tech setting up the table, I continue with the evening chores.

As I am putting up the board and the assignments, the surgeon came in to ask what was taking so long.

I looked at him and said because of the delay from taking the patient BACK to x-ray. This set up a trickle down delay.

The new x-ray order had to be put in.

The transport had to show up to take them to x-ray.

The patient had to endure another x-ray.

The patient had to go back to ED.

The patient had to come to ACU.

The delay was 45 minutes.

And then and only then they were brought to ACU to be prepped for surgery.

The patient is elderly and has a lot of medical history to go through.

If the patient isn’t brought to prep when sent for it delays everything else.

He scoffed a bit and said he couldn’t even get the reduction he wanted because the patient was in too much pain to stand the x-ray.

That’s because she is BROKEN.

(I apologize for the excessive use of the caps lock, but come on!)

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