We have new people in the department.

Both techs and nurses.

And the rumors have been UNREAL.

There are rumors around Covid.

There are rumors around who is sleeping with who.

There are rumors around which MD has the highest mortality rate.

There are rumors that we will be not doing elective cases soon.

There are rumors that a kind of popular nurse will be coming back and in a management position.

There are rumors that the sky is green.

Just kidding on that last one, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

There are rumors about another political insurrection around the inauguration.

I am not sure how to quash all of these rumors.

If asked directly, because people know I won’t lie to them, I tell them the truth.

No, I don’t know who has Covid in the department.

Yes, I took my second shot just fine, no symptoms.

No, I don’t know if we will be stopping elective cases soon.

No, I don’t know about any of this.

Meetings have largely been cancelled because of the surge.

If I knew, I would tell you.

You always get the truth from me, no matter how unpleasant you might find it.

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