Have a little empathy

We have a new doctor.

She is efficient.

As the nurse who has worked with her the most, I recognize that she has been gifted the black cloud for the group.

This is something that gets passed around to ALL the new docs.

Her cases are harder, her patients sicker, the diagnoses are odder.

Guys, we go through this every time with a new doc in that group.

Remember how horribly the last new doc got beaten up by cases.

Oh, that’s right, you can’t.

You weren’t here then.

To date she has done 3 impossibly hard cases in the middle of the night, one retrocecal appy in the evening.

And 2 horrible gall bladders on a weekend shift.

And she and I have started building her preference cards; so far we have an appy, a gallbladder, an open belly case, and the start of an ex lap card.

Okay, it takes time, depends on the case.

When I got to work yesterday to do a diagnostic lap with her I got an earful from the CRNA, telling me she was reserving judgement on this doctor based on the two horrible gallbladders.

And a corrected preference card at the desk.

I reminded the CRNA to please have an open mind, see the above black cloud she has been gifted.

The diagnostic lap, although strange and odd diagnosis, went well. The CRNA said she was pleased it had gone so well.

I looked at the preference card corrections.

Every single, blessed thing that was written down to be added WAS ALREADY ON THE CARD!


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