Vaccine shot 2 accomplished

I have had a week, let me tell you.

Not the 2nd vaccine shot, despite rumors to the opposite.

Sunday night I got called in at 0400 and worked until 0700.

My 2nd vaccine shot was at 0945.

Yeah, I could take a bit of a nap before I had to drive in rush hour traffic, or at least what amounted to rush hour traffic during a pandemic.

I overslept. I was going to wake up at 0830, shower and head to the main hospital.

I woke up at 0911. With a twenty minute drive.

I got up, brushed my teeth and drove down to the appointment, getting there in the nick of time.

I received my second Pfizer shot and I am very grateful that I did.

I was home by 1115.

I was back in bed by 1130 and up at 1345.

I caffeined it up and went to my normal shift.

Temperature normal, no pain, no nausea, no dizziness.

I worked my normal shift and went home.

After killing undead for twenty minutes I though it best that I go to bed so I did.

I was in bed by 0010.

My injection site had begun to ache a bit.

My pager went off at 0150.


Incarcerated ventral hernia, new doc.

Here we go.

I was at the OR until 0708.

Temperature still normal, some pain at injection site, slight dizziness that could be put to sleep deprivation.

I drove home and was in bed by 0745.

I woke up at 1130.

It confuses the cats when I am in bed after 1000.

No fever, minimal pain at injection site, no dizziness. I am tired but nothing else.

Some people at work who have been getting their second shots and suffering I am sorry.

For those still to get their second shots I have two pieces of advice.

  1. power of positive thinking. If you put it out to the universe that it is going to be hell you have just invited in the bad juju.
  2. peasant bloodline for the win!

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