It’s the stress dreaming, I swear

Anyone else not in my household having sleeping problems?

Okay, just us then.

Likely not.

Last night I had a doozy of a work dream.

I remember I woke up a little at 0755 and my husband said it was too early, go back to sleep.

So I did.

Right into a dream about doing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) in OR 2.

The woman was generously large. It took me 2 chloraprep sticks to prep her abdomen.

I secured her to the bed with a safety strap and foot boards.

As we were doing the pause before incision the consent, that I had looked at before, now read laparoscopic cholecystectomy and intra-operative cholangiogram. I looked at AB the surgeon and he said that it had been added because there was something hinky with her common bile duct.

I spent the rest of the dream fetching the c-arm and the supplies needed for the IOC.

I also called the radiology tech where the phone rang and rang and rang. Although, this is what happens every day.

Some of the supplies were in the basement which was the same basement as my CA hospital.

Some of the supplies were on the roof, where they were giving out vaccines.

I finally made it back to my patient and my case in time for the surgeon to say he didn’t need all that stuff and her anatomy wasn’t as bad as all that and he was done anyway.

He does not talk like this.

We woke the patient up and were taking her to the recovery room, which had been chopped into 2500 different rooms.

Because of the flood, you know.

Flood? What flood?

I woke up right after giving report to the PACU nurse.

Odd, odd, odd dream.

And it was 0845.

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