What a year this week has been

I saw that somewhere and I completely agree and feel the sentiment.

This has been the longest week.

Warning: contains political talk.

First we had the elections in Georgia.

Nail biter, that one.

My husband woke up very early, for him, on Tuesday and was doom scrolling his phone. He said he couldn’t sleep.

I asked him if it was because of the existential dread of the elections.

He paused and said, ‘Maybe.’

And both democrats pulled it out. Thank goodness. This wasn’t decided or announced until Wednesday, around lunch time.

Wednesday was the day the Senate and House were to certify Biden’s win.

Already there had been several senators and house members who were going to object.

It is your right to object if it is what you need to do.

Please do not object to get face time with future voters, say 2024 voters.

Please do not object to kowtow to strange political bases.

Okay, good. Time to go to work.

Off I went to work and about an hour in people came rushing to the desk, talking about the mob in DC and the presence of armed so called protestors in the capital.

The rest of the night I admit I spent doom scrolling, unable to look away.

And now we have fall out from that.

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