Tiptoeing toward no elective cases

This is not good.

Our covid patient per bed capacity is not good.

By my calculations, we are 33% covid patient to hospital bed.

The ICU has been averaging 90% covid for over a week.

The step down unit has been averaging 75% covid for over a week.

And, I still firmly believe, this has all been fallout from Thanksgiving.

God help us when Christmas and New Year’s cases hit.

I figure we will be decreasing our elective cases soon.

Or, at the very least, going to outpatient only cases.

But then there are the cancer cases, who by the very nature of their surgery, must be admitted.

To a hospital where 1/3 beds has a covid patient in it, and that is not even counting the ED overflow hold patients.

Please wear your mask.

Please wash your hands.

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