This is how I cope

No kidding, this last year has been hard.

For the people who have to shelter in place.

For the kids who have to do online school.

For the front line workers who are continually dragged into the healthcare machine.

I have a secret weapon.

I’ve played a video game, for YEARS.

I play Diablo III.

I played the original game on my husband’s OG Playstation, over 20 years ago.

And when Diablo II came out, I played that on my desktop computer. Again for years.

And Diablo III came out several years ago, my husband and I played it on our desktops, often partying together (this means we played on 2 separate computers, often in the same office and our characters went on raids together).

After beating the game several times over I put it away again, for a time.

When I decided 5 years ago to go back to school I needed a stress reliever.

I had a new computer, but the game and my characters were waiting for me in the cloud.


I created new characters, kicked some undead ass and kept grinding at work and life.

Earlier this year I discovered that the game had gone on without me.

They had developed what they called ‘Seasons’.

This was a way to portion off a new character, from scratch. And play the game.

I discovered seasons at number 18. They are now on 22.

The seasons last from 2-4 months.

Game play is the same.

It allows me to explore different character classes.

It allows me to kick the same undead ass as the other.

So, nearly every night I play when I get home from work.

I never play very long.

A girl has got to sleep.

But if I miss a night, I get antsy.

This game that is years old and my husband really wishes I’d find something new (cough, cough, the man played EVE for 20+ years).

It is my comfort video game.

I do Facebook and I dabble in Instagram.

But I prefer to kick undead ass as a stress reliever.

If you need me, right now I’m in Season 22, playing a necromancer: Level 70, Paragon level 342, Chapter 4 of the Season.

And kicking some undead ass.

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