Can the newbies even get through the door?

I heard something profoundly disturbing this week.

Our tech population is down.

This means we are short on techs.

But the newbie isn’t even a tech.

Isn’t a nurse.

The newbie is an orderly.

Someone who cleans and stocks the ORs.

I love our orderlies.

They work very, very hard.

We as so much of them.

And of the three we have on staff one left and one had surgery.

Leaving only one.

And that one took the day shift spot.

Leaving evenings with no one.

I did not think that was very fair and I lambasted the managers.

We run too may rooms and too many cases after 1500 to be cleaner-less.

As it stood I was the acting orderly, going from room to room, turning over rooms, opening rooms while still doing my evening shift charge duties of answering the phone, adding on cases and getting people out on time.

And sometimes I was in a room myself.

It made for some endless, endless days,

We have a brand new orderly.

Evening shift welcomed her.

Day shift couldn’t wait to tell her to watch out for one of the evening shift techs.

Dudes, can she not even get in the door?

This is going to be hard enough on her, to learn a new department and new duties, without terrifying her because of the tech that works the hardest in the department.

Sure, she’s a bit outspoken, but so am I.

And quick to point out inconsistencies in policies and how other staff are treated, but so am I.

This may be why we get along so well.

She is also the only one who will come in when there is a crisis, to help out.

She is also the one who makes sure we have certain supplies, cough, suture.

When I heard this, I was so mad. I’m not sure what I am going to ask management about this, but I will.

This is not right, to throw a fellow coworker under the bus.

And. Don’t frighten the newbie they are just arriving.

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