And now the weekly funny

There isn’t much to laugh about these days.


Over 240,000 deaths since this all began.

People who won’t take the mask thing seriously.

Whatever the hell is going on in Washington.


However, on Tuesday night.

While we were doing the safety pause prior to incision, I read aloud the patient’s name, date of birth, consented surgery, and her allergies.

On the board was written, Demerol, latex, and Meperidine.

I skipped the Meperidine.

The surgeon called me out on that.

For saying the Demerol and skipping the Meperidine.

I turned and looked at him, trying to see if he was being funny.


I bit my lip behind my N-95 and surgical mask and peered at him behind my goggles.

And I told him Meperidine and Demerol were the same thing.

He was flabbergasted.

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