Coping with the impossible

We are roughly 10 months into this pandemic.

I firmly believe that it has been thoroughly mismanaged in the US.

We could have done better.

Instead the burden is on the states, and, depending on your state, this can be going badly or very badly.

I have instituted a coping mechanism.

A coping mechanism that is not the norm.

Others bake bread, purge their houses, fight online.

Others are or have been at home through the bulk of this.

I have not.

I work every day. And I mean EVERY day.

Instead, I cope with this impossible mess by going home after my shift, having a snack, and then killing the undead.

That is, I play a computer game that allows my character to wade into the undead of demons and demon lords.

And I kill them.

I play less than a half an hour at a time most nights.

But it helps.

However you cope with this mess, I hope it is helping.

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