Coronavirus is still simmering, coming to a boil

I’m not sure how to track how many months this pandemic has been.

From the first American death in Washington in January.

From the first time I heard of a new virus in China, in December. I remember thinking to myself, this is interesting.

From the first lockdown talks.

From the time we started closing our borders in America.

From the time I started preparing for elective cases to cease.

From the time it was declared a pandemic.

From the time it started to seriously impact my schooling.

From the time it started to be heavily in rotation on the news.

From the time I first wore a mask in public, self conscious as always.

From the time the lockdown began. Although I continued to go into the hospital for my shift every day.

From the time the governor of my state declared the first lockdown rules.

From the time the schools started to close.

Any way you cut it, it has been a hell of a year.

And there were things that could have been done differently that would put us in a much better place. So many things could have been done on a national level.

So many things we’ve all lost.

So many memories we won’t get back.


As healthcare workers, we remain, mask and goggles on.

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