Nice way to show your ass, doctor

I had a surgeon become absolutely unglued yesterday. Not at me, or not just at me.

The problem, as he perceived it: the transporter was late bringing down his patient.

His solution: not offer to go get the patient with me, no, never that. But instead to call the supervisor up and browbeat and threaten to call the VP of the hospital.

The Situation:

Arrived at hospital at 0901 for 1000 case.

0907: Called to the floor for report, was given the report. Nurse said she was going to ask anesthesia about giving him some medication.

I gave her the number, and went to pick case.

0915: put in for transport.

Went to open case and prepare room.

0940: am standing in pre-op waiting for patient. Surgeon shows up and blows his stack that the patient wasn’t yet down from the floor.

0941: surgeon calls supervisor and threatens and blames and generally raises hell.

0947: patient arrives in pre-op. I then get him ready.

0955: we roll back with the patient to do case.

As I find out later when I called the supervisor to explain. She is my hero: go ahead and call the VP.

How many guesses do I get that I will be asked to explain on Monday?

Sorry for the 2 week hiatus, clinicals and work and opening a new OR means 16 hour days for me.

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