Yet another school post

I’m floundering a bit in school. It’s not that I am drowning in the work. It’s that I am drowning in my own apathy. I know that I should be doing homework before the day it’s due. But I can’t seem to care.

That is unfair to me.

It’s not that I don’t care.

It’s that I’ve only got so much energy a day and sometimes I want to relax and not think about work or school or call.

Saturday I worked 10 hours. The rest of the time I slept and did some much needed household chores.

Thankfully, next week I only have one meeting and that’s on Monday.

Of course, there is also the annual school drive to plan and I can’t get anyone else excited about it. And some of our coworkers depend on it.

Plan for the week ahead

Sunday: rest and relax and finish bookclub book. Do reading for this week. done with this

Monday: up at 0600- work on homework for this week, 0830 leave for my four hour meeting 1 hour away, 1430 or whenever I get done work my usual shift. Work on homework.

Tuesday: up at 0800, library for books that I don’t have time to read, homework until time to work. Set up parameters for school drive. Work at 1430. Turn in half of homework.

Wednesday: up at 0600, turn in homework by noon, nap before work at 1430

Thursday: response to discussion post from my classmate. Work and bookclub.

Friday: begin work on next week’s homework. Work.

Saturday/Sunday: no call. yay.

The only way out is through. The only way out is through. The only way out is through.

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