Upon the opening of a new OR

Lesson learned the last eight weeks.

Hard lesson.

Upon the opening of a new OR planned for June, life is a little like “If you give a mouse a cookie.” If you plan to open an OR, you have to make sure you have all the furniture ordered early, and once the furniture is in the small details have to be worked out, glove boxes, desk placement, etc. And once the small details have been worked out the OR is opened for business. But there are still a hundred and one details to work out.

The requirements on my time went through the roof. And I wasn’t super involved in the planning or the buying of things. But the organization of the room and the cabinets? That has me written all over it. And then the reorganization of the equipment pieces in lines that I know aren’t going to last a day. And then the reorganization of the former occupants of the supply room that was currently the new OR.

And the 75 hours of self scheduled clinical to be done over fourteen days. Essentially I worked from 0530-2300 for two weeks straight. Ugh.

But self care is important and I’ve had myself a massage, and a pedicure and dinner out.

But next new OR we have to open. I will be taking the quarter off of school.

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