Annual Education

How does your hospital deal with annual education that leads to the verification of you skills?

At my hospital, they do a massive education push with touch stone stations on a three day stretch where we practice the skills. Which is useful. Practice makes perfect.

But nursing isn’t perfect.

And neither is healthcare.

Nursing is doing the best care, at the best of your ability, at the top of your license so that the patient gets better, if possible. And if they can’t get better, the patient is kept as comfortable as possible until the end.

Is that too much to ask?

Whilst keeping everything sterile and clean as possible.

Because if you’ve contaminate the field at the outset, anything you then touch is contaminated, the germs don’t go away.

So, yes, it is useful to keep all the skills sharp, including sterile technique.

Which can’t be taught quickly, it’s has to become ingrained.

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