Being the Call Dog of the department

I like to work, I may have mentioned it before, a couple of times, maybe, once or twice.

And as much as I like to work, I equally like call.

Call is where I have to be available to the department, never being more than 30 minutes away. And I’m okay with that. I like to be useful and I like to be available when people need me. I’ll answer calls and questions even if I’m not on call and have no financial incentive to answer the phone. But I do. Cause I like to be smart and answer questions.

But I like call, a lot, because that makes me useful and that is my end goal in life. To be useful.

I am the first person new nurses to the department takes call with. This way I get to be a teacher, which is something I love to do, and can teach them how to survive call on their own.

Because it’s hard.

Nursing is hard.

OR nursing is hard.

Anything we can do for each other is helpful.

I know that call is hateful to some people. So I make myself available to take call from anyone who wants to give it up. But I rarely ask to take it from people. I much prefer to have it offered. I tell the new nurses and older nurses in the department that I am available to take call if need be. Because I’m the call dog of the department. And that’s okay.

I can be useful.

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