BLS (Basic Life Support, so much BS)

Congratulate me! I can now save your life with CPR.

Of course, I could before 1200 today.

But I passed the practical test today.

With the dummies.

In a secret conference room at the top of the hospital.

With no directional signs to get you there.

With no pretest paperwork. (bad me, I agree. I took the theory part of the class three weeks ago. And I passed with 100%)

So I may have been a wee belligerent when I showed up.

But the people were nice.

And explained to me that next year there would be more evening friendly classes, except for the one that they had this month. But didn’t advertise it. And I work 1500-2300, who wants to go to class at 0700. And they only classes that we in the OR knew about was Oct 8 and Oct 30.

And told me that the list of all available classes are on the intranet under people soft.

Pffft. As if. No they are not, I’ve looked every month for the last three when I knew that I had to renew.

And we don’t have the cards with us, but give us a self addressed envelope and we will mail them to you. We will spend easily $100 to do this.


But I can save your life.


just like yesterday.

I wrote this a year ago, guess what? There are no evening friendly classes.

Still. Only two practicum classes, at the end of the month, during the morning.

Yeah, tell me how that works for me on evenings?

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