Too stupid to live, let alone work the evening shift

There is a woman at work who I categorically DO NOT LIKE.

And this is hard for me. It is really hard for me not to like anyone, I’m just not wired like that. But I dislike her soooo much. I can hardly stand to be in the same room with her.

Not that she’s not a perfectly nice person, I think.

It is that she is so awful at her job.

I mean terrible. She is needy, she doesn’t think ahead, she thinks stocking a room involves copious amounts of leggings and under buttocks drapes. Oh, and the latex free gloves that do not belong in the room. Every evening I have to take out the latex free gloves that she has put in the rooms. Every night.

She has called me down to the basement where she was putting away supplies, out of a room where I was circulating (that means working) to tell me that she couldn’t find where to put three things and could I put them away for her? Not, could I show her where they went, but to put them away for her.

Last week when she was about to open her damned fool mouth and ask for something, for the fifth time in ten minutes when I was her circulator. No, I mean something, 2 minutes later something else, etc etc. I told her it was easier for the circulators if she could group her requests. And maybe, just maybe, think ahead to what she needs before the case starts, instead of drawing on the back table.

I feel we really bonded today.

But today, today takes the cake.

I was in a room, working, when she came into the room to tell me that for some reason she was working three Sundays straight and she asked me why. As if I had an answer I could pull out of my ass. As if we weren’t getting a patient off the table at that exact moment.

And then I heard it, the charge phone was ringing. My hand dropped to my pocket, not there. Dammit, I left it at the desk.

She followed me out to the desk and told me that “Oh, yeah, something was ringing, but she really needed an answer to her question.”

Um, the phone was ringing. Did it not occur to her to pick up the damned phone and answer it?

Dear God.

Dumb as a box of hair.

I told her that I would have to look into it and went back to the room.

Definitely too stupid to work evening shift.

We have standards.

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