Not here to make friends

I disappoint people every day.

It is different every time.

Sometimes it is the doctor who wants to impossible 2nd room.

Sometimes it is the staff member who wants to go home early.

Sometimes it is my boss who wants me to tell her that we are fully staffed.

Sometimes it is myself when I do something against my own code.

Sometimes I care.

But mostly I don’t.

When I disappoint someone who unreasonable about not getting their 2nd room, or to go home early, or someone who has to work later because we are not fully staffed, or that the new tech has to go into a room at 1700 when she tells me she’s never done that kind of case at our hospital, but has at other hospitals, and I tell her there is no choice, welcome to evening shift. When I disappoint any of the above, I tell myself that I’ve made a friend.

Of course I am being sarcastic.

They weren’t interested in being my friend, just wanted something I couldn’t give.

That’s how you make friends on the evening shift when suddenly our volume has ballooned to December levels, and it’s only October.

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